About Us

Start using AI in your business today with Chatbot as a Service

Chatbot as a Service is a McKarthy Labs group company that specialises in deploying Chatbots in businesses all over the world. Using AI, our Chatbots can do far more than simply answer frequently asked questions. It’s now possible to close sales, offer support, onboard new employees, nurture relationships and much more! We have been deploying chatbots for over 3 years using our team of highly skilled developers both onshore in the UK and offshore in India. We focus on ensuring our customers are happy, efficient and growing their businesses by leveraging the power of AI Chatbots!

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • 3+ years experience
  • Software as a Service

End to end implementation

Deploying a Chatbot in your business needs careful consideration. We must put ourselves in the shoes of your customers and ensure that we put their needs first. Our process involves spending time with you and your employees to analyse and produce process flows that consider all customer journeys!


What is a Chatbot?

A short blog post to show what a Chatbot is and how it works…

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